Home of the 3D Printed Loudspeaker

Welcome to the Home of the 3D Printed loudspeaker, FD61. Launching soon on kickstarter. Join my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter to be one of the first to get a 3D Printed loudspeaker with interchangable drivetrain and phase plug. Starting at £40!

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FD61 is the result of a 30+ prototype design process spanning over 2.5 years with the goal to produce a industry competitive loudspeaker driver using as many 3D printed components as possible. Whilst this goal has been attained, many extra features have come from this, making FD61 less of a driver, and more of a developing ecosystem. These include:

Interchangable Drivetrain

Interchangable Phase Plug

Modular Magnet Motor

Variable XmaX

The 3D printed aspect is already unique and a first at such a level, and overcoming the hurdles this produced has resulted in these any other unique and exciting benefits, giving your next project more flexability than any other!