Founded by Paul Ellis, Polymate3D designs and develops loudspeaker drivers with a entirely different approach to traditional methods

By utilising 3D printing in both our design stage and production stage, we are able to reiterate multiple times to quickly achieve great performance and test new innovations.

Our magnet motor designs are both simulated internally and tested by gathering T&S parameters from them.

On top of this, none of these components are fixed, and are reusable in another driver of choice or for an entirely different project.

Our designs both enable the reuse of the same motor, and lower the recycling material at the same time.

The suspension of every design is also simulated to help keep distortion values as low as possible. Unlike most manufacturers, we also use the same material and compliance, resulting in a system working in unison.

Currently unique in the loudspeaker driver market, we also support the 3D printing community by enabling designs to be printed at home, and even upgrade at a later point. By using modular motor designs, one motor can be used to power multiple different designs. Add to this the material choices and the possibilities are endless using Polymate3D loudspeaker drivers!

We are very active on Twitter and Facebook, along with videos being uploaded to Youtube. Feel free to follow and join along!