The Home of 3D Printed Speaker Drivers

Renders of the Elemental Series in Tapered Cabinets

Polymate3D is pioneering a new way of manufacturing loudspeaker drivers using additive manufacturing (3D Printing). With clever design, each driver has its own interchangable motor, along with alignment methods/tools to enable the end user to assemble there own.

With 6 years of development time, Polymate3D is the leader in the audio 3D printing segment, enabling 3D printer users to make and customise there own high end speakers!

By using computer simulations and then capturing real world data, development is pushed forwards by using a scientific approach

Each driver comes with its own detailed assembly guide along with data and cabinet designs to enable you to join in, no matter the audio knowledge level

Pick your level

The Polymate3D series is broken up into 3 sections. These are Entry, Mainstream & Specialist

Elemental Series

Elemental Series is a set of 3 different sized full range drivers which makes up the Entry level range. These are powered by the Educational and Entry Motors.

Producing near HIfi quality standards, they pack a punch in a small frame and are a great starter kit into the world of DIY audio.