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Design, Develop, Produce, Innovate

Polymate3D encompasses the design and development work of myself (Paul Ellis). This has a key focus around audio products and now includes multiple 3D printed full range speaker drivers.

The ultimate goal is to become a competitve driver manufacturer using different manufacturing methods, but without losing the roots of where it began, which is in 3D Printing and the community.

This is why here at Polymate3D, there will always be development of 3D printed drivers, both free and special supporter models. Polymate3D will hold true to this community and keep on innovating to push development in the audio segment.

FD51 Series

A cost effective entry to assembling your own drivers. Heavily 3D printed model and easy to assemble.

WF81 Series

WF81 is a 8cm woofer driver build to compliment the FD51 series of drivers to extend the bottom end. Continues the heavily 3D printed method

Tenacious 6

Tenacious 6 is a 6cm full range driver, developing on what was learnt from both the FD51 & WF81 series drivers. Still in development