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26/01/2020 – FD51-4PM is now available to download!!!

Polymate3D is the home of 3D printed speaker drivers. Both FD61 and FD51 are being released in early 2020, bringing a new approach to loudspeaker driver design. These are the first drivers to be made available in a kit form. All drivers have speaker cabinet designs available to download for free, giving you a great entry point to get started!


FD61 uses a mixture of 3D printed and normal components to produce a industry competitive full range speaker driver which also has an interchangeable drivetrain, phase plug, and magnet motor assembly. It’s swap out nature enables it to be the most versatile driver out there, allowing you to taylor the driver to what you like.

Available to purchase early 2020


FD51 is a simpler, non industry competitive driver with a focus on ease of 3D printing and low component count. This will be made available in an open source version along with paid for options, enabling you to get into 3D printed drivers at a very low cost point.

Available to download now!!!

Paul Ellis (Designer)

With interests in audio, product design, electronics & 3D printing, previous projects include custom aquarium lighting, filtration, and auto top up system. A unit capable of taking over 300kg of weight, multiple speaker builds, and producing an entire off grid solar system. This was including the programming of 3 micro controllers to act as a UPS and maintain battery backup, whilst maximising solar usage.

This passion and determination has now been fed into these 3D printed drivers and other designs.

Email: polymate3d@outlook.com

A special thankyou to the supporters of my original Kickstarter campaign. Thanks for believing in me and the project:

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Want to work with Polymate3D?

I am very interested in material advancements which will push the FD product line further, along with potential collaborations to implement 3D printed speakers into your next project. Please get in touch!