What is FD61?


FD61 is the 1st modular 3D printed speaker driver to compete with industry drivers. On top of this, it has unique qualities:

You can make the driver yourself in your own home!

Exploded View

Due to it being designed to do so, FD61 is able to be built as a kit in your own home, and only requires a screw driver and some kitchen towel. It’s automatic alignment system removes the need for shims or other specialist tools. With 5 key components, it’s as easy, if not easier to assemble than a basic airfix kit. This isn’t possible with any other driver.

Interchangable Drive Train


With the magnet motor and drive train being removable by screws, you can swap out the entire material emitting the sound, allowing you to change the tone and sound charachteristics based on your personal taste without having to build a whole new system. No other driver out there is allowing this level of flexability.

Interchangable Phase Plugs

Change the style and the wide angle sound by switching up the phase plug! The choices of phase plugs will also expand, allowing you to change it up whenever you fancy. With it fitting like a screw thread you can even make some yourself. The STL files for our phase plugs will be made available for free, so your purchase will continue to have new options!

Modular Magnet Motor

Surface Transducer Motor

Although your kit will come with the magnets already fitted, the entire assembly is not glued down. This allows the motor to have extra parts fitted or removed. You want higher sensitivity, go for it. You want the longer XmaX, the option is still there for you. With the modular magnet motor, your options are left wide open.

Oh, and if you later on in life decide to dispose of your FD61, all magnets are easily removed as are the washers for other projects, or may even taken for a future build!

An easy entry into DIY Audio


With 3D printed cabinets both being available to purchase, or downloadable to then print yourself (STL files released free like the phase plugs), you don’t require the woodworking skills or the space to get into this. FD61 is also a full range driver, allowing it to be used directly to the amplifier with no crossover components, allowing you to delve into this as and when you desire.

If this isn’t easy enough, A bluetooth speaker kit will also be available where you are provided with all the parts you need to make your own bluetooth speaker, including the amplifier, power bank, and bluetooth module. All you will require is a screwdriver, solder, and an soldering iron.

I will also be releasing some wood cabinet designs as a reference for anyone wanting to go this route. Most driver manufactures just drop a datasheet and expect you to do the rest. FD61 gives you this option, but also a helping hand and guidance if this helps.

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