WF81 Series Components

The WF81 Series actually are the same driver, with just a single aspect changed to make the 2 difference variants. This is the use of a plug for WF81-4MN, and a dust cap for WF81-4ST. This weight difference effects the frequency the driver can run down to, and the SPL (Sound Pressure Output) the driver can deliver @1W/1M.

WF81-4MN & WF81-4ST

  • 2x 15x10mm N35 Disc Magnets
  • 0.20mm Copper Enamelled Wire
  • 7x 14/15mm Steel Washers
  • Contact Adhesive Glue

Kit options now available!

After a bit of a wait to get parts in, I now have everything to offer a kit. The money made from this will go directly back into the development of drivers, and gives you a ‘one stop shop’ option. Pricing starts from £15 excluding shipping, and is sent as ‘large letter’ so should be able to be delivered without you being in and at a lower cost to ship. Buying the parts separately will enable you to create more drivers than the kit.

Kits will be available on my eBay page which can be found here:

Alternative links to components:

None of the following links are affiliated or supported by myself. The UK based ones are places I have personally purchased from, and alternatives are suggestions brought about by supportive fans from across the world!


  • 15x10mm Disc Magnets
  • 0.20mm Enamelled Copper Wire
  • 14mm Steel Washers
  • Contact Adhesive Glue


  • 15x10mm Disc Magnets
  • 32 / 33 AWG Enamelled Copper Wire

15mm Steel Washers

Contact Adhesive Glue

Aliexpress Links

These will likely be your most cost effective links, but expect long wait times, and these will not of been tested suppliers.

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