Tenacious 6+

Tenacious 6+ (6cm Full Range)

Current Status: Complete!

Motor: Firecracker

Tenacious 6+ is a Patreon exclusive driver and the first driver to run the Firecracker magnet motor, producing a big step towards matching industry driver performance. Built from a lot of the work from Tenacious 6, it uses a new suspension system and incorporates a modular magnet motor design which evolved from the failed Kickstarter driver, FD61.

Using similar components to FD61, but new methods of implemention, Tenacious 6+ pushes up to produce 83dB @1W/1M compared to FD61’s 80dB. A Qts of 0.95 also brings it closer to the industry target values of 0.6 < 0.8.

To get the most of Tenacious 6+, larger cabinets are suggested and in development.

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