Print Settings

I personally use PrusaSlicer as my go to slicing software as it is very powerful and flexible. You can use this with almost all FDM 3D Printers out there and is completely free. If you are using this slicer please start with the profiles link below to help guide you to successful prints. This is a starting point however as everyones printers are different.

If you are not using PrusaSlicer or you want to create tweaks to your own profiles, here are some specific details on each type of component.

Solid Components

  • 0.4mm Nozzle Width
  • 0.15mm Layer Height
  • 2 Perimeters / Shells
  • 20% Infill (I use Cubic)
  • 5 Top and Bottom Layers

Flexible Components

  • 0.4mm Nozzle Width
  • 0.10 < 0.15mm Layer Height
  • Enable Detection of ‘Thin Walls’
  • 1 Perimeter / Shell
  • 100% Infill
  • 20 Top and Bottom Layers

Cone / Former Component

  • 0.5mm Nozzle Width (0.4mm will print 0.5mm)
  • 0.10 < 0.15mm Layer Height
  • Vase / Spiralise Mode
  • 0 Top and Bottom Layers
  • Print cone with the Voice Coil at the bottom and the tip of the cone at the top. This will result in a cleaner looking cone.

Cabinet Components

  • 0.4 < 1.0mm Nozzle Width (0.4mm will work up to 1.0mm)
  • 0.10 < 0.25mm Layer Height
  • 20% Infill (Unless stated)
  • 2mm thick Top and Bottom Layers
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