Polymate3D Drivers

Polymate3D has a wide variety of driver ranges in development, with each having a specific criteria is is trying to achieve. These fall into 3 segments

  1. Easy to assemble and highly flexible
  2. Traditional, multi sized and unified assembly process
  3. Pushing the Limits

Lets first look at the easy to assemble ones:

Easy to assemble / Highly Flexible

Micro is a 3cm full range driver with a single suspension. It supports the easy to assemble motor, Comet and even has a version which is free to download

Micro+ maintains the same 3cm size, but improves on sound output and distortion, allowing it to directly go against DIY full range drivers of the same size!

Macro is a 4cm full range driver with a single suspension, coming in late 2022 to enable a louder alternative to fit into larger cabinets

Macro+ is a 4cm full range driver with more power, enabling it to be used in small bookshelf designs and achieve a wide frequency range in a easy and cost effective package

Traditional / Multiple Sizes / Unified Assembly

The following designs have just been started. Each takes a different approach and has different targets. They all however are assembled in exactly the same way, and the same size can be swapped out within the same cabinet.


Tenacious is a 12 sided full range speaker driver which has a deep cone profile along with phase plug to achieve its high frequency response. It also has a balance of weight and compliance to achieve good bass response for the cabinet size.

Light is a traditional cone shaped full range speaker, but is a shallow cone profile, and uses a whizzer cone to help achieve the high frequencies. The weight loss from the shallow cone and slightly shorter former enables higher SPL levels, but a sacrifice of bass response. Good for larger builds or battery powered applications.


Xenon is a deep hexagonal shaped woofer driver, with a custom surround and suspension to help with movement and distortion. Expected to be paired with a tweeter in a 2 way setup. Its heavier design reduces SPL but extends bass response down in the process.

Pushing The Limits

Pushing the limits is about having the freedom to explore any route without sticking to previous designs. More extreme testing can be undertaken on these designs, and each one take significantly more time due to attempting and experimenting in the pursuit of improved performance.

The best that Polymate3D has to offer, Baroque utilises complex cone shapes to create a varying modulus cone profile. This is paired to a custom shaped surround with varying modulus as well to help smooth out the cone breakup region. Will varying from a full range driver to a woofer, depending on each version.

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