By becoming a Patreon, you not only support the development of practical prints and speaker drivers, you also get access to

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Almost all of my work is either free or through Patreon, and so this income directly effects how much time and effort I can put into it. I would like design and development to become my job, and with your support, this can come 1 step closer to reality.

Right now, becoming a patreon from $3 per month gives you:

PC Speaker for FD51 Series
2L Vented Mini Tower
3D Printable Brushes
Brief History of FD61 PDF
Design of FD51-4OS Documentation

And much more. A total of more than 30 posts have happened since the beginning of 2020, and updates come weekly, with at least 1 new STL file made available per month as well. There hasn’t been a better time to join!