Micro with Willow V1 motor fitted (No phase plug)

Micro is a 3cm full range 3D printed speaker driver with a focus on easy 3D printing, and being as versatile as possible on a budget magnet motor.

It is capable of running in cabinets from 0.15L to 2.0L in size, and includes Aperiodic, Sealed, and Vented alignments(220uF Bipolar capacitor required).

Micro is a completely free for personal use design (For commercial, please contact) and is available at Printables.com!

Printables.com also have some cabinet designs to get you started. If however your looking for Micro+ which runs a more powerful motor or more cabinet designs for Micro, consider joining Patreon to gain access to these and support the project.

Its 3W per driver power handling is done with no external components, enabling you to run it directly from a amplifier. Adding a 220uF Bipolar capacitor in series will enable you to push the power handling up from 3W to 8W.

Micro will produce varying power outputs depending on the motor chosen and if done in PLA/TPU or Polywood/Varioshore. Please see the Datasheets below for more information

Looking for something like Micro with more punch? Check out Micro+!

Micro in a 0.6L cabinet is capable of producing 100<16,500Hz +/-5dB thanks to its single suspension design.

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