Magnet Motors

There are currently 3 different magnet motor types which are used in the Polymate3D loudspeaker drivers. These are to match different budgets and use cases. Here is a breakdown of the 3 different types and the parts required:

Polymate3D Magnet motors are not glued or epoxied into place, and so is completely reusable for another speaker or project even. Parts being reusable is a big priority!

You can download a version of this by using the download link below:

Legacy Motor (Sparkler)

The motor used during development in 2020, this design uses 15mm neodymium magnets and 15mm diameter washers to create a low power but simple motor design which has a low cost entry point.

FD51-4OS in Twin Bluetooth

This motor type is mainly for educational purposes and showing the potential that 3D printed speakers have. Although no longer the focus of development, it will continue to have revisions. The pinacle from this motor comes in the form of Tenacious 6 with the Patreon cone profile.

Tenacious 6 with PETG Cone
Tenacious 6 with Patreon PC Cone

A kit is available to purchase for £15 + Shipping through my eBay page. This contains all the parts mentioned in magnet motor, along with glue and 0.17mm copper enamelled wire. There is enough for 2 speakers, and enough wire and glue for 4 drivers allowing you to create and try more than 1 design.

Entry Motor (Firecracker)

The entry stage to industry competitive performance in a 3D printed speaker driver, Firecracker is a modular motor with a screw in design to enable a quick swap out to a different driver design. Aimed at speaker drivers 4cm to 8cm, the motor works around drivers which are also small enough to have there cabinet 3D printed as well.

The first Prototype driver design, Tenacious 6+ is available to Patreon supporters to try and will be available soon (Currently Feb 2021). Multiple other drivers will be made to this motor standard from development work being done on Tenacious 6+

Prototype Cone Profile
Tenacious 6+ Prototype Motor

Prototype 9

A Firecracker kit will also be made available shortly. We are currently awaiting parts to make this happen. The kit will follow the same as the legacy kit does where you will have the magnets and components to make up 2 motors, and enough wire and glue to create 4 drivers, enabling you to experiment with different driver designs.

Mainstream Motor (Rocket)

The rocket magnet motor is the long term magnet motor for a wide array of planned speaker drivers spanning from 6cm all the way to 20cm. Rocket expands on Firecracker by having multiple different ways to setup the motor itself. This will allow it to be better suited to woofer or midrange applications as well.

The first mainstream speaker motor