Magnet Motors

Since September 2021, Polymate3D has moved from the legacy motor known as Sparkler, to a new line of motors with long term support (Till at least the end of 2023). Pick your motor first, then your driver of choice.

These motors are broken down into Entry, Mainstream, and High End options. All motors have or will have kits available. It is just a matter of picking your poison!

Entry level motors focus on getting as much performance for the money invested. These produce less power than Hifi speakers can, but deliver enough to be useful. Sensitivity is typically 70<77dB and speaker sizes from 0.1L to 3L. All entry designs are available for free after 6 months of release as well!

Pricing = £12.50 < £17.50 / pair

The mainstream level motors deliver a balance and are on the entry Hifi point, delivering typically 80dB+ output values. These will create serious contenders to off the shelf drivers. Speaker cabinets typically from 1L to 8L

Pricing = £25 < £30 / pair

The high end level motors deliver Hifi levels of output power and higher linear travel than the motors before them. with Sensitivity in the 82<88dB region and Xmax levels varying from 2.5mm one way to 6mm one way, these motors are for the serious Hifi individual. Speaker cabinets typically 4L to 50L

Pricing = £50 < £60 / pair

Once you have made your choice, click the ‘To Print’ option on the banner above and then select the motor level you have chosen to see what drivers are currently available!

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