Fidelity Overview

The Fidelity series of 3D printed drivers are the 1st to ever achieve industry matching or exceeding performance!

Using the Mainstream & High End motors, they can produce significant HIFI standards of sound output

This has be confirmed through measurements in response, distortion, decay rates and more

If you are looking for a solid bookshelf speaker, take a look at these drivers!

Fidelity 4. currently still in development is small 4cm cone driver with good linear extension for its size. It is targetting cabinets around 1.5<2L in size (20x7x14cm) and extend down to 60Hz whilst maintaining 78dB @ 1W

Fidelity 7 is a 7cm full range driver which can be a direct swap out for the Mark Audio Pluvia 7 and 7MS.

Designed to work in cabinets from 3L all the way up to 20L, it is good for both 3D printed and wooden cabinets. Currently available in its launch spec and a carbon fibre variant!

In a 4.5L cabinet it can extend down to 57Hz and is 83dB @ 1W. With power handling in this cabinet up to 15W (High Pass filter required) it can produce a peak of over 95dB per speaker!!!

Photo of a pair of Fidelity 7 drivers in wooden cabinets

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