3D Printed Speaker Driver

If you search the web for 3D Printed Speaker, other than FD61, you will find 2 different results:


The first will be a 3D printed speaker cabinet. This is the most common, but it is simply a printed cabinet. The actual speaker, the part emitting the sound is an off the shelf component.

The second you will see is people attempting printed speakers, but falling short due to:

Clearly shown is videos poor sound quality

Quiet sound output

Partly printed components with standard surround and spiders

Proof of basic concept

What you will not find anywhere is the following:

Datasheets with analysis data


Frequency response graphs showing what it is capable off

PS95 vs P30
Blue = Dayton PS95 , White = FD61-4PL

dB @ 1W/1M

This is due to the complexities is developing a speaker driver from an idea to an actual product capable of holding its own against the competition.

FD61 is the exception.

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