FD61 Series

The FD61 Series are Full Range 6cm Drivers which focus on competing with industry drivers, but have a few key advantages:

  • Can be assembled yourself. A unique offering in the DIY Audio field
  • Modular Drivetrain, allowing the sound, charachteristics and design to be changed out at a later stage, without the need for a whole new build
  • 3D printed enclosure support, with a library of designs and many more to add along the way

The FD61 series is where the 3D printed speaker driver idea started, and is still in development after 2.5 years. To improve asethetics, FD61 is going to be a mixture of 3D printed components, and injection mould / resin cast components. Sticking to Polymate3D tradition however, there will be a Patreon supporter version as well. See the 3 models in development below (All design work is subject to change):


This carbon fibre FD61 driver is optimised for a large frequency response and a more modern sound. It’s higher power handling lends it to more higher volume use, and the super rigid carbon fibre cone keeps all sound output clear and articulate.


This wood micking FD61 driver is optimised for higher SPL and a more vintage, paper cone based sound. Its low power handling lends it to be used more as a small bookshelf driver, or used in a line array.


This Patreon exclusive supporter edition takes a mixture of the 4CF and 4PE and then replaces the non printed components with 3D printed alternatives, allowing you to produce as many of this compeitive driver for your personal use as you require.

All FD61 drivers will have the same 4 screw fixture design, and so will also support all of the same enclosure designs made available. It was always intended that all drivers should have an easy use case for beginners, and FD61 will deliver on this.

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