FD51 Series

The FD51 Series are Full Range 5cm Drivers which focus on good performance at a cost effective price point and relies on 3D printing heavily for there key components. Although not the same SPL levels as off the shelf drivers, there style, sound output, distortion and charm is there or better.

This series was started as a thank you back to the 3D printing community and to give people with 3D printers access to some advanced designs to make practical use of there machine. Now the range has grown to 3 models, each with there own specific application uses:


The Open Source Edition. Free to download and use personally. The most cost effective and easiest to make. Great frequency response and clarity. Limited power handling and bass response. Good starting driver


The Polymaker Edition. A Open Source and free to download driver. Material specific to improve SPL and extend bass response compared to FD51-4OS. Good if you need higher SPL in a smaller package


The Patreon Edition. Exclusive to my Patreon supporters, this model uses harder to print materials and more difficult prints, but results in higher SPL, higher power handling, improved bass response over both 4OS & 4PM, and a unique style which is both eye catching and improves high frequency response.

Made your decision of what driver or just want to see some cabinets for inspiration. Check out the cabinets I have already made, or reach out for advice on making your own!

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