FD51 Cabinets

Single Hex

The smallest and quickest to produce, Single Hex is a great small cabinet, and the cabinet I use when testing new FD51 drivers.

Twin Vented

Designed for 2 FD51 drivers to produce a portable bluetooth based cabinet. The vented design is tuned to help extend the bass response without getting too large to take with you.

PC Speaker

A 1L double ported cabinet with shaped reinforced walls, internal wall braces, and Thicker infill section helps push the bass response of the FD51 line up further. Nice size to go on the sides of your PC Monitor in a desk setup. To run with the amplfier external. Exclusive to Patreon supporters

2L Vented Mini Tower

The largest of the entire range and designed to extract the most amount of bass from the FD51 lineup, and suggested for the higher powered FD51-4PE driver Styling is added on the sides to also break up cabinet resonances whilst keeping filament usage down. Coming to my Patreon supporters soon!

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