FD51-4PM – Polymaker Edition

FD51-4PM is a Polymaker exclusive design which was built from the foundations of FD51-4OS. It has specific material requirements which help improve performance along with the a increase in printing difficulty. It is the best free driver of the lineup, so if your picking filaments, this is a great candidate. Want more bass? Keep your eye on the upcoming WF81 series!

Kits for components will be made available on eBay once parts arrive

Assembled FD51-4PM Driver in Single Hex
Frequency Response of FD51 in Twin Vented Cabinet
  • 120-16,000Hz Frequency Response
  • 72dB @1W/1M
  • 2W Max Power Handling
  • 75dB Maximum SPL (Single)
  • 81dB Maximum SPL (Pair)
Get an idea of what FD51-4PM is capable off!

What do I need to make FD51-4PM?

What enclosures are available?

Want a cabinet to get you started, or ideas to make your own? Have a look at the cabinets I have already made which can be 3D printed at home by clicking on the link below:

FD51-4PM, like all the the FD51 line up has a 80x3mm screw thread built in to it, allowing it to support all the cabinets available and make your own. They also support Thomas Sandladerer’s M3-SK project, so you can experiment with the drivers and cabinets to find what best suits you.

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