FD51-4OS – Open Source Edition

The original Open Source 3D printed loudspeaker driver, FD51-4OS was born from wanting to give something back to the community. Its frequency response and easy of production and assembly make it a perfect driver to get started and see what is really capable with 3D printing. Want more bass? Keep your eye on the upcoming WF81 series!

Kits for components will be made available on eBay once parts arrive

Assembled FD51-4OS Driver
Frequency Response of FD51 in Twin Vented Cabinet
  • 150-15,000Hz Frequency Response
  • 68dB @1W/1M
  • 3W Max Power Handling
  • 72dB Maximum SPL (Single)
  • 78dB Maximum SPL (Pair)
Get an idea of what FD51-4OS is capable off!

What do I need to make FD51-4OS?

What enclosures are available?

Want a cabinet to get you started, or ideas to make your own? Have a look at the cabinets I have already made which can be 3D printed at home by clicking on the link below:

FD51-4OS, like all the the FD51 line up has a 80x3mm screw thread built in to it, allowing it to support all the cabinets available and make your own. They also support Thomas Sandladerer’s M3-SK project, so you can experiment with the drivers and cabinets to find what best suits you.

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