Elemental Series Motors

Elemental Series uses a 12mm central pole piece design, and there are 2 motors on offer for them. These are Educational and Entry. Both come in an assembled form ready to use. Each kit contains:

  • 2 Assembled Motors
  • 15ml Glue to assemble your 3D printed parts
  • 4 lengths of wire to create up to 4 drivers


Educational uses Chinese sourced magnets to create a cost effective motor option for students and makers. Performance however on these motors can vary from batch to batch, limiting there scope for a DIY audio user. To be used to Sealed cabinet designs

Average Power Output = 0.9Tm

Cost: £15 exc Shipping


Entry uses locally UK sourced magnets with a very high tolerance in both dimensions and strength, easily staying with Hifi audio tolerance levels.

Power output is also higher, allowing it to work well in both sealed and ported cabinets, but increases cost.

Power Output = 1.3Tm

Cost: £20 exc Shipping

If you do not own a 3D printer and are looking for a complete kit including 3D printed parts, please check out the Complete Kits page here

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