Elemental Series Complete Kits

If you are looking for a complete solutions with motors, 3D printed parts & amplifier, this is the place to be!

Elemental Series is a fantastic way to dip your toes into the world of DIY audio. Elemental drivers are known as ‘Full-Range’ drivers. This means there is only 1 speaker per cabinet, and no crossover components to deal with. This also makes Elemental a cost effective entry point.

By having all the parts supplied as well, no power tools are needed here. Now its down to picking what size speaker you are looking for!

Elemental 4 Complete Kit

£55 exc Shipping

Measuring under 7cm in width, It has a super small stance on your space, but packs a punch, getting down to 60Hz. The Logitech speaker its sat next to in the image for comparison gives up at 120Hz.

At 73dB @ 1W/1M, it isn’t the loudest, but for personal use nearfield it is a perfect little companion.

Elemental 6 Complete Kit

£75 exc Shipping

A lovely all rounder, Elemental 6 maintains a fairly thin and unobtrusive design whilst producing significantly more power. At 76dB @ 1W/1M this would work perfectly for someone on a desk or even in a bedroom for listening to music whilst getting on with whatever life throws at you.

Its increase in sensitivity doesn’t impact bass response either, getting down to 55Hz, it produces a full bodied sound output, vastly more than its size would imply.

Elemental 8 Complete Kit

£95 exc Shipping

The biggest of the group, Elemental 8 can be defined as a small bookshelf speaker. At 78dB @ 1W/1M it can produce a reasonable amount of sound output, enough for use in small rooms whilst doing household stuff.

Bass extension goes down to 75Hz, so not quite as far but still very good for there size, and the sound output levels make it a very good option if you wanted a small bookshelf speaker to make, but don’t want the cost and effort involved in a wood made build.

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