Elemental Series Amplifiers

Elemental Series was designed from the ground up to work with USB powered amplifiers. With power handling of 3W per channel, these are a perfect pairing, so any USB powered amplifiers you may be able to get more local to you will likely work very well.

For anyone however who wants an assembled solution, there are 2 amplifiers to choose from. A simple 3.5mm jack based one, and a Bluetooth based one with it own volume control.

3.5mm Jack Amplifier

The 3.5mm Jack Amplifier is a very simple, hard wired solution. Even the 1M speaker wires are hard wired in place ready to go, cutting out the need for terminals which reduces cost.

Volume control is done via the device it is connected to. Being super small it works well for laptop applications or to hide away on a desktop.

Power = 2 x 3W

Cost = £7.50 exc Shipping

Bluetooth Amplifier

The Bluetooth Amplifier is a compact design with custom terminals on the back to allow you to use any length of speaker wire you wish (2x1M supplied in kit). It’s Bluetooth only input allows you to setup your speakers somewhere suitable and then connect with whatever Bluetooth device you like!

The volume dial on the front allows you easy access to turn down or up in passing, along with turning it down to muted during connection to avoid any unwanted noise.

Power = 2 x 3W

Cost = £15 exc Shipping

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