Elemental Overview

The Elemental Series are a set of near HIFI level drivers using the cost effective Entry magnet motor. Created with a focus on 3D printing users and anyone looking for smaller projects, they deliver a solid punch in a small amount of space.

All of the Elemental range run well off USB powered amplifiers, and do not require any passive components / crossovers, making them a easy step into DIY Audio. Available in kit form as well for everyone to be able to join in!

Elemental 4 is a tiny 4cm driver which fits into a very compact cabinet (14x6x10cm). Don’t let the size fool you however. It produces 73dB @ 1W and and goes as low as 60Hz.

Elemental 4 is completely FREE to download and use for non commercial use!

Additional cabinet designs available on Patreon.

Elemental 4 = 3 Watts

Elemental 6 is the perfect balance of size, sound output and bass extension for its size (20×8.4x11cm). With 76dB @ 1W and extending down to 55Hz, it is a perfect and thin desktop setup!

Elemental 6 is a Patreon exclusive design, with additonal cabinet designs.

Elemental 6 = 3 Watts

Elemental 8 pushes the entry motor to its limit, achieving 78dB @ 1W. It utilises a much larger sealed cabinet (21x11x18cm) to still extend down to 75Hz. Its ace is that it can handle up to 5 Watts of power, allowing it to get louder than its smaller siblings

Elemental 8 is a Patreon exclusive design with additional cabinet designs.

Elemental 8 = 5 Watts

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