Educational Speaker Kit (STEM)

Make your own speaker, including the actual driver!!!

Render of completed Educational Speaker Kit

The Educational Speaker Kit was created from the ground up to be a product teaching you how to assemble your own speaker driver. ALL other kits give you a premade driver which you simply glue or screw into place, leaving you with no hands on experience, and limiting the scope and satisfaction.

To build the kit you’ll need a soldering iron, scissors, some tape, USB port to power, and a 3.5mm audio device to play the music. There is even a pre-soldered version if you are uncomfortable with or lack the tools to solder. The cabinets, cables, amplifier, and all components you’ll need to assemble an entire driver are all included!

Parts contained in the Educational Speaker Kit

To make assembly as easy as possible, a 26 page booklet is provided, containing detailed images and annotation throughout each step.

The end of the booklet also contains more in depth educational details on magnetism, magnetic saturation, left hand rule, and more.

Snippet of the detailed assembly guide included

The Educational Speaker Kit has also been designed by myself. I draw from years of designing and developing loudspeaker drivers used in both homes and cars. Unlike other audio STEM kits, this design leaves you with a small desktop speaker you can actually use.

Nearfield measurement of Educational Speaker Kit

The driver at the heart of the kit is Xenon 4. In this form, it is a 70dB @ 1W/1M driver, and in the hexagon cabinet provided can produce from 104 < 15,000Hz. With the maximum power of 3W from the USB amplifier, this means you have a peak of 74dB which is perfect or general music listening or as a portable laptop speaker. By purchasing a USB bluetooth audio receiver, you can also convert your speaker to work via Bluetooth with your phone if you wish!

As if this is not enough, the speaker driver is powered by the removable Firefly motor. This allows you to unscrew from this speaker, and fit into another design, including the larger Tenacious 6+ mk2! This makes it less expensice and more environmentally friendly than any other option out there. If you own a 3D printer, you can print these parts yourself. If you don’t have this option, Tenacious 6+ mk2 is also available to purchase without the motor as well.

Educational Speaker Kit (Non Soldered)

Educational Speaker Kit (Soldered)

Any questions? Feel free to reach out to me, and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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