FD61 Cabinets:

Fastidious – 3.3L Vented Bookshelf

  • 60<16,000Hz Frequency Response
  • 200x180x150 build volume required
  • 2 part print
  • Approximately 700g of filament per cabinet

Valiant – 0.6L Sealed Cabinet

  • 93<16,000Hz Frequency Response
  • 100x100x120 build volume required
  • Single print
  • Approximately 80g of filament per cabinet

FD51 Cabinets:

Single Hex

Designed for use with an external amplifier. This is a good choice if trying to use as little filament as possible and see what FD51-4OS or FD51-4PM is about.

Dual Bluetooth Cabinet

Designed as a complete Bluetooth speaker replacement. This design is built around a PAM8403 amplifier, USB Bluetooth audio module, and a standard USB power bank. This is currently the best way to experience FD51-4OS and FD51-4PM.

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