About Me


Hi, I’m Paul Ellis. An avid audiophile, tinkerer, and slightly crazy guy who has always pushed the boundaries of what seems to be possible. I am never afraid to find what I believe to be the best, and if it is not out there, get to work on designing and developing it myself. This strong, ambitious drive has led to me doing the following:

Produced 6 different speaker systems, including 1 set built for a studio

Design and create 2 3D Printers from the ground up. Both with different criteria

Custom Marine Aquarium with custom lighting, filteration, and auto top up system

Complete Off Grid 1KW solar system with 3-way microcontroller system to:

Control battery depletion and detect battery percentage after Vdroop

Relay data to a display every 10 seconds, doing over 1,000,000 reads a day

Control a multi relay system to maximise money savings and act as a USP in the event of a power cut

Build my own MDF based unit to support an 250kg aquarium above a 4ft long vivarium

among many others. Now the biggest and most ambitious project has been attempting to design a modular speaker driver, and utilise 3D printing technology to make this happen. Taking on what usually takes multiple trained individuals, a massive factory, and specialist tools with just me and a 3D printer sounds like a ridiculous idea.

But this IS what has happened! Over 30 prototypes later, a lot of expertise from learning throughout, and upgrades to my own design 3D printer have made this possible and I now am making this as a kit for everyone to build and enjoy.

Making something is fun, but making something which is as good or better than you buy at the same price point is filled with satisfaction.



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